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Our highly experienced team of marketing professional offers our clients comprehensive marketing services for both local and international market. Marketing services include:
Marketing Planning
Most local manufacturers lack the expertise, resources and the time to internally perform their marketing planning. Pal Circless overcomes this issue by providing our clients with access to top marketing professionals who can help them achieve their objectives at the lowest cost and without any pitfalls.
Promotions Design and Management
Whether in local or international markets, Palestinian markets are challenged by their limited ability to compete with international brands. One way to overcome this challenge is through smart product promotion and proper promotion management. Pal Circelss team experience in local and international markets enables it to design and mange the implementation of customized and effective promotions for local products.
Online and social media
Online marketing and social media have become very powerful tools for companies to reach their target audience. For small local producers this medium is almost untapped. Many local producers are unaware of the power of these tools, or are not utilizing them as they should due to lack of expertise and knowledge. At Pal Circless we know the value these tools could provide to our clients and are able to customize the plans for our clients to insure the full utilization of these tools.
Packaging Solutions
Pal Circelss can assist local producers in developing and sourcing suitable packaging solutions for their products in accordance with the international standards. We have a network of local and international packaging designers along with packaging material producers that can provide clients with safe, cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions.
Bar coding and Labeling Services
Until today Palestine does not have bar code system, to export producers need to register their products in other markets like Jordan to insure their products are ready for export. The registration process could be challenging and time consuming for small local producers. Furthermore they also face difficulties in insuring that their product labeling complies with the international standards. Pal Circless team experience makes this an easy process for producers by basically taking car of all bar coding and labeling issues to insure that their products are ready to export.
Public Relations
Whether clients require technical, specialized or strategic PR assistance, Pal Circless has the expertise and staff to provide them with the needed solutions. Our services cover a wide spectrum including strategic communications, digital communications, brand experiential, B2B communications. All tailored to the needs of each client and his target audience.
Many of the local producers hardly have any branding for their products, other are weak in branding and can hardly compete with international brands. Furthermore many of them focus their branding on local markets, which are very different from international markets. Whether a client is launching a new brand, or re-branding his existing products for local or international markets, we have the expertise to assist and enable small local producers to take their products to an entirely new level of competitive power.

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