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Our consulting and training services are also intended for small and medium sized businesses, as well as cooperatives and women associations. While the needs of each organization vary we can recognize similar needs among business enterprises in Palestine. Nevertheless we offer customized and holistic solutions for our clients explained below:
Needs Assessment
Commonly small producers and manufacturers do not know where to start in their efforts towards develop their competitive ability whether for the local market or international markets. At Pal Circless we help our clients recognize their strategic priorities; we further assist them in translating those priorities into their tactical and operational plans.
Quality Assurance, Specifications, and Standards
Meeting the local and international standards and specifications continues to be a challenge for small local producers whether due to their inexperience or limited technical capabilities. We have the expertise to overcome this issue depending on the product and market requirements, if its an issue related to technical capabilities we help the client recognize the problem and understand how to overcome it or fix it.
Sales and Marketing Training
Most small and medium enterprises do not rely on a systematic approach for their sales and marketing effort, most of their actions are ad-hoc and don’t relate to any strategic context. This weakens their competitive ability and limits their ability to grow if not even fail. Our sales and marketing triaging will be customized for the needs of each client and depending on the industry and the market we will provide the necessary training for them to exploit the market opportunities, overcome the challenges and leverage on their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.
Export Procedures Training
Even with an export ready product, small producers are usually unfamiliar with the export procedures and cannot afford hiring an individual or agency to take care of the arrangements and paperwork for exporting, ( Export Documentation ). Pal Circeless offers small private businesses, women cooperatives and associations moderate the required training on export procedures rather than them relying on outsiders to do the job, even if they decide to outsource this service they will have a solid understanding on how it works preventing them from making costly mistakes and wasting their times.
Market Information
Our international contacts network and expertise in managing exports to international markets provides us with access to valuable market information for our clients. Whether they need to know about opportunities for their products or services, possible partners, information about the competitive environment, challenges they might face in certain regions\markets we have the needed information.

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