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Export Services

As per PalTrade Services Report for 2012, The Palestinian economy benefits from bilateral trade agreements with the United States of America, Canada, the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the Arab States (GAFTA), Russia, Turkey and Israel. Unfortunately, the private sector is not fully utilising the opportunities provided by these agreements and many enterprises are not well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. Our export services to local producers and manufacturers respond to the different challenges faced by them throughout the exporting process. These services are detailed below.
Readiness Assessment
While local producers and manufacturers do realize the potential of their products and the opportunities in the international markets, their limited organizational and product readiness prevent them from seeking to explore these opportunities. At PalCircless we offer our clients an inclusive review of their business including their administration, financials, sales and marketing, as well as product and quality issues. We illustrate to them how these aspects separately and combined affect their ability to export and compete in foreign markets.
Market Scanning
Our team’s years of experience in international markets along with our wide network of contacts across the globe enable us to provide our clients with clear guidance on existing market opportunities and how to tackle them.
Export Preparation
Based on their readiness for exporting and the market opportunities they seek to engage in, we work with our clients on the preparation of their products for exporting, this includes specifications, standards, quality and packaging. We also work with them on tailoring their product offering to their target markets, this could include the development of a strategic entry and marketing plan.
Networking Services
Leveraging on our international network we assist our clients in the development of overseas sales networks through agents, distributors, strategic partners, and direct market presence.
Registration services
As a complementary service to our clients we provide assistance in registering companies outside Palestine, as well as product registration (Trademarks), and copyrighting for intellectual property.
Market Visits
This service is offered for both individuals and sector groups. Visits can be arranged for the purpose of market exploration as well as networking with foreign importers, agents, distributors and strategic partners, therefore going in line with our networking services mentioned above.
Market Entry Program
Our market entry program is basically a combination of all the services listed above that aims to provide local producers ( Exporters and Potential Exporters ) with everything they need to take their products from local to international markets and significantly drive their chances of success in the competitive international markets. This program includes the following steps:
Readiness Assessment \ Market Scanning\ Export Preparation\ Registration\Networking\ Market Visits


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